Flexible Solutions

Built around your business strategy.


We take your brand to areas and customers you don’t have direct relationships with. EXPAND your footprint and maximize your reach.


Our team searches out opportunities to test your brand in new markets. Take calculated, incremental risks instead of top-heavy investments that may take years to turn profitable. EXPLORE new possibilities and get ahead of the curve.


From specialized packaging to top-tier logistics with real-time tracking solutions, we preserve your brand integrity by minimizing damage and providing timely delivery to your customers. PROTECT your brand and make every sale count in today’s shifting marketplace.

Distribution is our middle name

At TDP, we’re all about getting your products to your customers. And we think of ourselves as more than a partner – we’re an extension of your business. We build your inventory solutions from the ground up, with the needs of your customer in mind. Whether you want 3PL Warehousing or an Inventory Management solution, we promise to be the most valuable part of your supply chain. We bridge the gap between you and your customer.

No Order Minimums

allow your customers order what they want without disrupting your production and distribution schedule.

Same day shipping

puts product in customer’s hands when they need it – without capital changes to your logistics model.

TForce Freight

Established Carrier

relationships allow us to ship to both commercial and residential locations, LTL or ground.

Specialized Packaging

accommodates kitting, overpack and shipping products small parcel. All while significantly reducing your breakage and shipping costs.

Flexible Warehousing

puts the control in your hands. Whether you manage your inventory or we do, our team of experts will ensure your products reach your customers the way you want.

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